Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Should You Friend your Contacts on Facebook?

These days, you’re a lot more likely to see posts from your friends than from Pages you’ve liked. So friend your customers on Facebook. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t spam the News Feed with lots of business messages. This is against Facebook Terms of Service and it annoys people. 

Rather, share great ideas that relate to what you have to offer, and gush about how awesome your business is and the benefits you enjoy (without the ask…that’s when it turns into spam.) And be a real person too. Share news about your life. Comment on the photos and posts of your friends. Wish people Happy Birthday. The advantage to friend-ing your business contacts is that they will receive subtle reminders of you and your business whenever they see your posts. And you’re easy to contact in case they need something. 

But also keep in mind that once you invite business contacts in, you have to behave yourself! Everything you post is a reflection of you, your business, your company, and other consultants in the business.


A note from Noel:  I like to add a little pic to their page when they accept the request that says "Nice to Meet You" or something similar, as well as encouragement and thank you pics when appropriate.  :)

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