Sunday, January 26, 2014

Left Right Game for Jamberry Nails Consultants

Merri has always liked having nails that look nice but as she has tried all the different nail products she was always left disappointed. Polishing her nails left her frustrated because right away she would have a task that needed done before her nails were left to dry. If by chance she was left with enough time for the polish to dry, then she was left crying because changing diapers, washing dishes, cleaning rooms (only mom can do it right!) would cause the polish to crack and peel right away, And if you are right handed, well painting your left hand doesn’t work well. And, if you're left handed, your right hand will look like it's been painted by a kindergartner!  Am I right?

This left Merri wondering what to try now, and that left the question marks in the idea bubble right over her head.  One day she looked left and saw gel nails on a lady sitting to the left of her. Right away a light bulb went on. Yes, said Merri, I’m going to try that!! She left her chair at that moment, took a left turn out the door, oops and left the door open as she ran down the right side of the street to the nail salon. She got an appointment right away. But you guessed it, Yep, Merri was left disappointed AGAIN. Although her nails looked fabulous, her wallet was left empty, there was no time left to do the dishes. And she left scratches on Kane’s bottom when she changed diapers. Those darn nails were left to long. Right away she knew that wasn’t the solution. And so Merri tried other products... But we won’t get in to all that right now because we must move on in the story of her discovery of Jamberry Nails Wraps and how they’ve left Merri tickled pink.
Sooo, In walks Martha one day with wonderful looking nails. Merri noticed them right away and was left wondering how does she get to have great nails and not me? Well, why not ask, right? Merri runs to catch Martha just before she left for the day, catches up to Martha’s left hand and asks, Just how do you get such great looking nails??  Martha sits Merri right down and tells her all about Jamberry Nails and left some for Merri to try.
Merri was left awestruck! She is so happy after her first set that she left all caution to the wind and became a Jamberry Consultant.  Merri shows all her friends her Jamberry nails, right from the beginning they were all impressed. Kristie is so impressed that she knew right away she wanted to be the first one to hold a party because soon there would be no time left in Marri's calendar.  Kristie is also a mom, holds down a full time job at the nursing home, and is now starting a new adventure to further her education.  So, she was left with very little extra time, and her pocket book is left without the extra for expensive nail treatments, she knows that Jamberry Nail Wraps are absolutely the right solution for her too.
These ladies have been left so happy with their nails, even their left hands!  They can’t wait to share with you what’s left them so pleased.  Jamberry has so many awesome styles to choose from that you may be left in a quandary as to which one to order today. But as you check them out you will find several that are just right for you and with the special of buying 3 getting one free, you only will be left wondering which one you use first. Happy shopping and when this evening ends I hope that you’ve left feeling as ecstatic about having great nails as Jamberry Nail Wraps has left these ladies!!


  1. Guests sit in a circle and pass a prize, when left or right is said.