Thursday, January 16, 2014

Repeat Performance or Breakthrough Results?

Repeat Performance or Breakthrough Results

Is 2014 going to be a repeat performance of 2013, 2012 or even 2011? What’s your plan to create breakthrough results and not a repeat performance? If you don’t have a written plan, chances are you’re not going to see much change in your business this year. On the other hand, if you do have a written plan chances are you’re not going to see anything change if you don’t use it.  Below are 3 “must haves” that will help create breakthrough results in your business and not another repeat performance.

Must Have #1 – Clarity
Vague goals create vague results. You must be clear about what it is you want in order for your reality to change. If your request is vague how will you know if and when you’ve achieved your goal? The only way to know is to get crystal clear about the results you desire in your business. If it’s more money or more customers – specify the exact amount.

Must Have #2 – Commitment
This boils down to being prepared to fight for your dreams and goals as if your life depended on it. Too many business owners have one foot in and one foot out. It’s as if you’re doing the hokey pokey - sometimes you get results and sometimes you don’t. Let the hokey pokey go.

Commitment says, I’m going to achieve my goals, not, I’m going to live my dreams if. . . The latter is a negotiation between you and outside circumstances over which you have absolutely no control. You want results, you want profits, and you want more – your business will require commitment.

Must Have #3 – Consistency
Success in business is the result of consistent action. Stated differently – if you want to be a profitable business you’ll need to take action even when it seems as if nothing is happening. You want to be profitable, right? Then it’s time you divorce the “start stop” relationship that you’ve invested so much time in. You start a project then stop short of getting the results you desire. It doesn’t work when it comes to building a successful business that generates profits year after year.

If you want 2014 to be different, then you’ll have to be different. Which do you choose - repeat performance or breakthrough results?

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Shontaye Hawkins, a Business Success Coach and Speaker, is a master at transforming the businesses of entrepreneurs and business professionals that desire to move beyond dreaming to emerging and building the business they desire. Shontaye is passionate about encouraging entrepreneurs and business professionals to reach their full potential and build a successful, more profitable future, starting today. Through her custom designed coaching and training programs, she helps her clients emerge with more clients, more profit and more life!
During her career with Fortune 500 companies such as Goldman Sachs and Bank of New York she worked with top business leaders to build wealth in excess of $1 billion and attract high net worth clients. She now helps entrepreneurs and business professionals create massive growth and success in their businesses!
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