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Bookings and Customer Care

Bookings and Customer Care

Why does someone book a show? 
  1. FUN!  Keep this experience fun and you will book!
  2. Free Product
  3. To help a Friend

 What is the #1 reason why someone didn’t book a show with you?
  1. You didn’t ask!
  2. Fear- Make sure you add to your presentation when talking about bookings “your friends will love it”.
  3. They can’t make a decision- give them choices on types of shows and dates

At checkout, compliment their choices and then ask three questions:
  1. Did you have fun tonight?
  2. Were you able to get everything you wanted?
  3. Do you think your friends would enjoy this?
If presented with objections such as “I’m too busy”, back into the scheduling process - “If you were able to book a show, what would the best day of the week be?”  Then offer availability in a particular month, until you have narrowed it down to the perfect day.

Customer Care-
This is a huge area that we overlook and by doing that we are missing out on sales, bookings and recruiting.  Customer care builds relationships and it is the foundation of your business.  Is yours strong or weak?  Belinda talks about a 3-part system called 2 + 2 + 2.  If you employ this system of follow-up calls after each “interaction”, your business will grow in all three areas- booking, selling and recruiting.

1st call- 2 days after sale
This is a thank you call.  Take the attitude of gratitude.  Most people are pleasantly shocked to hear from you.  It goes something like this... “It was a pleasure to meet you... Most people leave a show regretting that they didn’t buy everything they wanted...”,  Offer her the opportunity to purchase, book or meet with you to discuss the opportunity.
*People only stay excited for about 3 days, so it is imperative to make these calls in a timely manner!

2nd call- 2 weeks after sale
This is a service call.  You are coming from a place of “service”.  “Are you enjoying your Jamberry (be specific as to what they purchased)?” 
“Are you still getting compliments?”  “Is there anything I can do for you right now?”  You are continuing to build the relationship with this call!

3rd call- 2 months after sale

Just to touch base.  “Just checking to see if you need anything.”  “The holidays are coming up...”.  "We have a new catalog..."

Summary of training from Belinda Ellsworth

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