Thursday, November 28, 2013

How do you keep it all organized?

I struggle with organization.  I've got tons of great books (somewhere) on the topic...  Here's what sorta works for me: 

I have 1 2 inch 3-ring binder that has sheet protectors in it.  In this I keep:  
  • Cruise brochure in the front pocket (inspiration!)The first page is "What are Jamberry Nails?" (in case some one picks it up randomly)
  • Then my kudos - notes from upline, downline, customers or hostesses, print outs of newsletter recognition, etc. (This helps for recruiting, it reinforces what kind of leader I am and if I appreciate recognition, I'm more likely to give it!)
Next Tab:
  • All products that are not in the catalog, (Collegiate, Sorority, Host Exclusive, SSE, Indulgence) and print outs of "in action" (currently for Christmas Designs)
  • Top Twenty Trends (I keep history in here too, so I can show what's been popular over time)
  • Product information sheets (Lacquer, Nail Art Studio FAQ & Tips, NAS examples, NAS photos from the workstation
  • Host / Join Brochure
  • Hostess letter
  • Hostess rewards chart
  • Hostess Planner
  • Salon letter
  • As Seen In
  • Fundraising letter
Next Tab:
  • FAQ's for potential consultants
  • Fast Start rewards page
  • Personal Sales Bonus Chart
  • Comp Plan 1 & 2
Next Tab:
  • Direct Selling Terms and Definitions (from
  • DSA Expectations for Consumers and Salespersons (from
  • Spanish materials
  • Customer List

This binder is what I carry with me to appointments, events and parties.  If there is anything I need to reference or show someone, it goes in there.

I have a 2 drawer file cabinet in my office.  I have the following files:
  • Bank
  • Catalogs (copies of past books -the current one is on my desk.  ALWAYS!)
  • Pending Orders (I need to do something with these)
  • Completed Orders
  • Order Mailing Supplies (purple envelopes, stamps, labels, Thank you stickers, Cello mailing sleeves, catalog stickers (book a party, only a text away, recycle me, etc.) )
  • Packing slips
  • Planning (into this goes calendars and any ideas that I get that I want to work into future events or trainings)
  • Postcards (along with stamps, labels, stickers, etc.)
  • Reciepts
  • Hostess Packets
Then the section for my training files begins.  In these folders I keep a print out of any training that I have created, as well as handouts or printouts/lists from others on each topic.  This way I can easily grab something and add it to a recognition card to mail to a team member.
  • Bookings
  • Events
  • Follow Up
  • Full Service Check Out
  • Goal Setting
  • Hostess Coaching
  • Party Like A Rockstar
  • Networking
Next I have a folder called "Personal Development".  This is where I drop notes from the various teleconferences, webinars and trainings that I attend.  I try to make careful note of who the speaker is and the title of the training, so that I can reference it and give it proper attribution if I use it in team trainings.

Next I have a folder called "New Team Member" that used to have ten blank copies of the new consultant training document that we used to have available on the workstation.  :(  I'd love to have a new one HINT HINT!

Behind that are alphabetical files for team members.  I try to document the intentional one-on-one training and calls that I do, as well as make notes about them personally.  This helps me remember what we talked about, their hubby's name, etc. - so the next time we have a scheduled call, I can refresh myself :)


To the left of my computer I keep my notecards, catalog and binder (as well as a stack of in-progress things that need to be filed or mailed - let's be honest!!!)

To the right of my computer are all my office supplies and training materials from Tiffany Peterson, Belinda Elsworth and Shari Hudspeth.  (Mostly audio CDs)

Event Box
I have a plastic storage tote with attached lids that I keep stocked and ready for events.  This contains:
  • Extension Cords
  • 2 large and 1 small Easles
  • Blow Dryer
  • Mini Heater
  • Office Supply box (sharpie marker, packing tape, sisscors, twine, paper clips, binder clips, duct tape, etc.)
  • Signs
  • Table runner
  • Table cloths
  • Sparkly cup holder with Jam pens
  • Sparkly calculator
Party Bag:
I have a Thirty-One Large Utility Tote that I keep stocked for parties.  It goes on top of my event box for events :)
  • My binder (gets added at the last minute)
  • 3-5 hostess packets (added prior to party, with current hostess specials)
  • Catalogs
  • Mini clip boards with order forms
  • Gallon ziplock baggie with brochures and business cards
  • Gallon ziplock baggie with survey cards
  • Zipper bag of logo pens, sharpie markers, name tags
  • Lacquer
  • Application supplies
  • 3 "Party Packages" with mini heaters & application kits (I need to find better bags, my paper handle bags for these are getting worn out!)
My inventory is kept in 4*6 photo albums, which I carry with me in my purse almost all the time.  I keep a bag with challenge cards, samples and the purple outer envelopes also in my purse.


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