Sunday, November 10, 2013

Build your Business in December

  1. Call past contacts (not just customers).  Tell them that with the buy 3 get 1 free special and 10% off there has never been a better time to get Jamberry.  That brings the cost of the sheets down to $10.13 each!  If you can, offer free shipping (combine all the orders and have them shipped to you, then mail them out – make your cut off date a little earlier, the free shipping could be an incentive for orders before December 8th) (US dates)
  2. You have a product or service that is perfect for holiday gifts! Schedule some lunch time or afternoon showings for people to shop.  This is great for people who work in offices and their time is in short supply.   You can offer the hostess rewards to the customers who help you coordinate this for their office or break-room (or happy hour!)
  3. Offer a discount coupon to anyone who refers a friend who also purchases between now and the first of the year. Start a VIP purchasing program; or create a “punch card” for buy XX and get one free.
  4. Begin setting appointments now for January. Let people know that you realize they are busy and suggest a date in January. Let them know you have time open now and would also love to offer them a date after the holidays.
  5. Put yourself in power momentum by scheduling blocks of time daily for contacts and follow up. What is realistic each day? 5 of each? 10 of each? Set the pace and stick to it! Set your calendar up with blocks of business time as far out and consistently as possible.
  6. Go on a mission to pass out as many flyers and business cards as humanly possible over the next month.  As you do, have a 30 second “commercial” ready that may appeal to what they need right now. Stockings to stuff?  Convenient and secure online shopping with no crowds, hassles or parking? Delivery?  Gifts that ship for a single stamp?   Get creative!
  7. Going to a lot of holiday parties and events? Use this time to meet as many people as you can.   WEAR YOUR JAMS.  Always have a drink in your hand – this gets your hand up closer to eye-level (not dangling  by your side!)  Compliment, Ask lots of questions and collect business cards and email addresses.  Ask each person if they mind if you keep in touch with them.  If they begin asking you questions, be prepared with short, intriguing answers.  If they show an interest, schedule a time to contact them in the next few days.  Try to avoid saying to much about your business at the party. Schedule, schedule, schedule and then be sure to follow up!  And bring samples!
  8. Include a business card, flyer, post card or some bit of “shameless promotion” in your holiday cards and correspondence. Don’t send cards? Now you have a good reason to start! Check on that tax deduction! Don’t be obnoxious; just share your enthusiasm.
  9. Begin reviewing your past year’s goals and accomplishments. Where can you improve? In what ways can you push yourself on to bigger and better next year? Have your next year’s business plan concrete before January 1!
  10. Keep your focus, remember CANI (constant and never ending improvement) and enjoy the season, knowing that you are doing and being the best you can be! Set big expectations and make them happen.

EXPECT Success!

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