Friday, May 6, 2016

Smarter NOT Harder: Streamline your Newsfeed (a.k.a "Home" in Facebook)

Streamline your Newsfeed (a.k.a "Home" in Facebook)

Part 2 of Facebook tips!  Here's Part 1!
Here are some tips to avoid insanity, and increase productivity!  We all know that we should focus on IPAs (Income Producing Activities) and many times Facebook, and other sites, fall into a hopeless gray area.  There are connections to be made, groups to join, parties to lead, information to consume, trainings and recognition OH MY!  There are also distant relatives, college friends with cute babies, endless options for Jamberry "sharing" groups, and the ever-alluring political/religious/social justice/activist/memes and their associated witty, engaging (and of course always correct!) commentary.

  1. See a previous post on using Interest Lists to streamline your newsfeed
  2. Use the "See First" feature to see what YOU want to see: 
  • The NOW Larimar Punta Cana is the destination for this year's incentive trip.  I want to keep that TOP of mind because it helps me FOCUS!

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