Monday, May 2, 2016

If I would have known then, what I know now...

"As you all know I celebrated two years with the company yesterday and it got me thinking about "if I would have known then, what I know now....." And I thought maybe it would be helpful for you new girls!!!!"
  • *I wish I would have known to turn my launch party into a VIP group from the start. I think of all the amazing friends and customers that could be there now and it could be so much BIGGER! I love my VIP group now, get it going from the beginning! Let them feel exclusive, special and valued--and have FUN with them!
  • *I wish I would have known about LIVE parties---oh I did sooooo many 10 day parties and they lasted soooooo long!
  • *I wish I would have known about hostess coaching! Oh my, all those parties that were duds could have rocked if only I had known how important it was to get them involved, posting, sharing and tagging!!!
  • *I wish I would have know about Facetune for nailfies. Yes, a little bit of "smoothing" makes a HUGE difference in a nailfie! Nails should always be on FLEEK. If your hands look good and your uniform is looking dope, you will attract new customers and potential recruits.
  • *Follow up. Follow up. Follow up. Oh man, we should have known better, but stress was not put on following up with our customers. TERRIBLE mistake. How many people had bad applications? How many never even tried them? And I never followed up.... SMH.
  • *I wish I would have known from the start to not put all my eggs in one basket. Who you THINK will be on this journey with you till the end may not be the case. A rockstar can vanish anytime, any day for whatever reason. Keep building wide and deep and never think a leg could not just one day VANISH.
  • *I wish I would have known that Fast Starts were super important for my downline to hit. I made mine in 6 weeks--they really are not that hard--but I didn't place a lot of stress on it. Especially when they said "I just want this is a hobby" (those girls can turn out to be future leaders and rockstars--do not believe them, just nod and smile.) We get trips points, and money for DL hitting their Fast Starts, they get free goodies, money AND a huge momentum for their growing business that it irreplaceable! They are easy and attainable. Help them and guide them to get there!
  • *I wish I would have known that it this is not a get rich quick thing. I watched friends skyrocket to the top and get monster checks. That is not the "normal" way DS works, it can take time! And it SHOULD take time! (A lot of those friends are not even selling or at prior ranks anymore because they didn't grow strong teams with lasting peeps.) It takes time to grow strong, hard working legs that will continue to thrive. Wide and deep when building girls. Never be "ok" with having a couple recruits.
  • *I wish I would have known how this was going to truly change my life. I would have told ALL my friends, every single one of them from the start that they NEEDED to do this with me. The excitement you have at the very beginning is so contagious--USE IT and call or text at LEAST 10 friends.
  • *I wish I would have known how amazing regionals, summits, and JamCon were. I would not have been so nervous about going---I still went but in the beginning I was shy and withdrawn! Ha! Now I go with my head held high, ready to see all my girls and ready to LEARN!
  • *I wish I would have known there is no jam emergency. It is ok to NOT always be available and to have business hours. It is ok to set up boundaries with a team and not answer messages after a certain time. It is ok to enjoy dinner without looking at a notification. It is ok to have work hours that do not even involve FB, just desk time, power hour time, and time to focus on MY business.
  • *I wish I had known that I was going to make some of the best friends I have ever had. That I was going to get to go on fabulous trips with them. Women I would have never known, if it were not for Jamberry. I wish I had known how life changing this was going to be... I would have rested easier at night, breathed deeper, and not worried so much. You make this what you want it to be. The power is truly in YOUR hands. Your successes and failures are not based on your UPLINE or DOWNLINE. Your success is your success, your failures are your failures. YOU decide where and how you want this to go. YOU decide if this changes your life."
From Jam Sister Elizabeth Kulp

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