Thursday, May 5, 2016

Smarter NOT Harder: Give your Facebook "Notifications" an Overhaul

We all LOVE social media.  And if you hang out there very long, you'll also start to hate it!  For those of us in a social selling business (that's what Jamberry is all about!  Social: friendly, happy, fun Selling: business, connections, making money!) your "notifications" can drive you absolutely flippin' insane.

Here are some tips to avoid insanity, and increase productivity!  We all know that we should focus on IPAs (Income Producing Activities) and many times Facebook, and other sites, fall into a hopeless gray area.  There are connections to be made, groups to join, parties to lead, information to consume, trainings and recognition OH MY!  There are also distant relatives, college friends with cute babies, endless options for Jamberry "sharing" groups, and the ever-alluring political/religious/social justice/activist/memes and their associated witty, engaging (and of course always correct!) commentary.

What's a girl to do?  Well, if that girl is working her Jam business #LikeABoss, she get' smart!  Think about what notifications you NEED to see for your business.  Here's my list, in order of priority:


  1. Posts in my VIP Customer group
  2. Posts in my Team GLOW Girls page
  3. Posts in my GLOWing Leaders group
  4. Posts in my GLOW Girls Team: The "BIG" Group


  1. Unfortunately there is no good way to manage Facebook messages, so I need to see all of the messages in my Inbox
  2. Message requests
  3. Filtered messages


  1. Posts on my Jamberry business page
  2. Posts on my public figure page
  3. Posts on our GLOW Girls team business page

General notifications

Now that you know WHAT you want to see, HOW do you get it there?  


Log into Facebook and look at your group list:

Add all your main squeeze groups as a "Favorite"  This will put them at the top of your groups list on your home page
See Part 2 for more on "See First!"

Leave all the groups you don't want to be in.  (seriously, this part may take a while, but it doesn't take that much longer than hiding them from your newsfeed!)
  1. The first category shown is "Groups you manage".  That means that you are an administrator of the group, or you created it (making you the administrator)
    • If it is a group that you no longer need, and it needs to be deleted... the ONLY way to do this is to remove each member, one at a time, and when all members are gone, remove yourself.
    • If it is a group you no longer need, and you don't care if someone else becomes the administrator, just leave the group
    (for example the group I used to sell off old inventory for a previous DS company)
  2. The next section is groups that you are a part of.  Sometimes against your will.  (Please, don't ever add someone to a group without their permission!  After you adjust these notifications for yourself, you'll understand why!)
    • Click on the little "cog wheel" and choose "Edit Notification Settings"
    • Then select what you want to see.  
      • If it's a group that you are only going to visit when you need something (like those fabulous share groups for games and pics of Jams on Hands) then choose "Off" or "Highlights" (this will show you popular posts - if it's still too many, turn it OFF)
      • If it's one of your main squeeze groups, choose "All"
      • If you are a member of your upline's group, and getting too many notifications, choose "Friend's posts" and make sure you are friends with the people that you want to see :)


See all your pages here:

You will have to manage the notification settings for each of your pages separately.
  • Go to your page, and click on "settings" in the upper right side of your screen
  • Click on "Notifications"
    • You can choose to get all notifications in one message every 12-24 hours (my preference for non-essential pages)

    • You can choose what notifications you want to get.  I always turn off the email notifications.  I'm on Facebook EVERYDAY.  I don't need to get notices here, on my app and in my email!

General Notifications

Click on the "Settings" option and then go to "Notifications"

You can adjust the settings for "On Facebook", "Email", "Desktop and Mobile", and "Text Message"

"On Facebook" is the Umbrella over all the others.  For instance, if you have notifications turned on for every time someone tags you in a photo, and you have set up to get notifications on Email, Desktop and Mobile and Text Message, then you are going to get 3-4 notifications for EVERY "notification"

I won't walk you through ALL the options here, but I'll hit my top few...
  1. Friends birthdays.  If you have a TON of friends (and we are Social Selling, right, so you want to have a ton of friends) you don't want to get notified about their birthdays.  I have over 3,300 BFFs on Facebook.  Just taking an average, that's 10 birthdays a day.  Would it be nice to wish each one of them a Happy Birthday?  Yes!  Is it an income producing activity?  No.  If you want to implement birthday wishes for your customers or team members, go for it - but by the time you get a FB notification, it's too late to do much ;)
  2. Tags.  I want to know when someone tags me!  Many times customers and friends will tag me in pictures of their Jams.  Jamsisters will tag me in their pictures from Jamberry events.  And... people will tag me in their FRIENDS posts when they are looking for a solution to cute nails, or a DS business opportunity, or a donation for a fundraiser... These are the kinds of things that I don't want to MISS because of a thousand notifications I DON'T want to see!
  3. Pages.  Once you've set your individual settings (above) for what you do want to see, you can change them quickly here too!
  4. Desktop and Mobile.  This is going to depend on how YOU work your business.  I am often at my desk, with my phone.  True story - before I adjusted my notification settings, I would get a notification on my desktop, a ding on my Facebook app, a "push" notification to my phone and an email.  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I got a notification.  
  5. Text Messages: NOPE
  6. Emails: NOPE
I told you - it can drive you flippin' insane!

And now, for one final tip (the one I actually STARTED this post about...)

One of my pet peeves is when I comment on a post (like a congratulations, happy birthday, etc,) and I get a notice every time someone else comments.  This can be a HUGE time suck, because you know you don't need to see everyone else say congratulations!  So... you can turn off notifications for individual posts!  Just click on your notification, hover your mouse over the upper right of the comment that's bugging you, and "Turn off notifications about this post". TA-DA!  Now you don't have to wade through 100 other people saying the same thing.  If they "need" you, they'll tag you, right?  And you've got tags turned on, so you'll get THAT notice!

Bonus for Leaders... This is what I do anytime I add a resource in the main consultant group.  I am glad everyone likes it, comments with heart eyes, says thank you and you rock... but I don't need 2,467 notices about it.

Check back tomorrow for Part 2!

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