Friday, April 3, 2015

May Themes and Party Ideas

·        May day nautical theme
·         Cinco de mayo
·         Weddings
·         Jamberry spa day for bridesmaids

·         Get ready for summer fun! Vacation inspired nails
·         Mothers day!!!
·         May the Fourth be with you as you pick your favorites. (Star Wars theme party.)
·         Man party for mother's day!!
·         Graduation parties-- custom wraps/custom colors!!
·         Pamper your mom party!
·         Mommy and Me
·         ALS Awareness Month
·         Arthritis Awareness Month
·         Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month
·         Better Hearing and Speech Month
·         Better Sleep Month
·         Celiac Awareness Month
·         Clean Air Month
·         Correct posture month
·         Cystic Fibrosis Month
·         Hepatitis Awareness Month
·         Huntington' Disease Awareness Month
·         National Physiotherapy Month (Canada)
·         National Stroke Awareness Month
·         Vision Health Month
·         Mom's night out party.
·         Memorial Day
·         May Day!
·         May flowers
·         Teacher Appreciation Jamberry Jar making party!
·         "May I show you what Jamberry is all about!?"
·         May Day as a distress call EMT and emergency responders wraps (NAS designs)
·         Brain Tumor Action Week
·         National Nurses Week
·         Melanoma Monday
·         Teacher appreciation week!
·         World Lupus Day
·         summer is around the corner are your nails ready?
·         No chipping fading or nail breaking while enjoying your summer activities! !
·          Teachers, take some time to appreciate yourselves with some pretty nails
·         Nurse Day- Don't you deserve to be pampered too!
·         summer is coming!
·         BBQ
·         Promote flip flops and Jamberry toes
·         patriotic summer
·         May Day! May Day! Rescue those nails!
·         Thank you gifts for children's teachers! End of school gifts
·         Armed Forces Day

·         Get you nails ready for summer with Jamberry

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