Thursday, April 9, 2015

Building your own personal Dream Team in Direct Sales

(Please note, the following information is still relevant and important, however the post refers to the original version of the Jamberry University, not the current version!)

Dream Team.  If you're old enough, this conjures up images of basketball and the Olympics.

If you're too young for that... then you can do even better on this exercise!

The first step to creating your Dream Team is having a vision for success.  If you are a Jamberry consultant (congratulations on being awesome!) do Jamberry University.  All. Of. It.

Seriously - this is the best training around!  And I'm not just saying that because I'm in the videos... LOL  You'll find me most in:

Lesson 8: Positive Scripts and Self-Talk
Lesson 9: Come From a Place of Service

Those are two areas that I am PASSIONATE about!  Success is an INSIDE JOB - you have to start with your own vision first!

The second step is being aware of qualities that make a person successful in direct sales.  In Lesson 10 of Jamberry University, there is a diagram with areas for development.  Ask yourself... "Who do I know who is good at this area?" for EACH of the boxes.  List a few people if they come to mind!  Don't let your brain get in the way of putting people on this list.  It doesn't matter how long it's been since you talked, where they currently work, who they used to be married to... Just write their name down!

Some you might draw a blank on... that's OK, as long as you've actually given it careful thought!

Now, look at your list of prospects (your list of 100 or 60 that you created when you began your Jamberry Journey - see This Post)

Anyone that appears on BOTH lists is a Dream Team member

Anyone that you thought of in several places in the personal development list is a Dream Team member

Your list should contain at least 5 names... ideally you would have 12 on this list!

If you have more than 12... Narrow it down - pick your TOP 12!

Check back for our next post... what to do with that Dream Team list!

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