Friday, April 3, 2015

April Themes and Party Ideas

·         Don't let a rainy day rain on your nails - cute designs without the cost
·         World health day
·         Easter!!!
·         April showers bring may flowers
·         It's no April Fool's joke. Jamberry is amazing

·         World Parkinson's Day
·         Cesarean awareness Month
·         IBS Awareness Month
·         National Autism Awareness Month
·         National Oral Health Month
·         Parkinson's Awareness Month
·         Primary Immunodeficiency Awareness Month
·         Sarcoidosis Awareness Month
·         April showers bring may flowers - promote florals
·         mother's day coming up
·         Earth day
·         Easter basket goodies!!
·         Brides.
·         getting ready for graduations
·         April showers bring Jamberry flowers
·         gift cards with kit sets for mothers day!
·         Buy for memorial day-- patriotic wraps!
·         Spend your tax refund money!
·         Floral Designs - Garden Party without digging in the dirt
·         Get a pedicure, rainy days don't spoil these tough wraps!

·         Sexual assault awareness

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  1. This planner is great, she was always ready to assist/answer any concerns (even returning my late night texts), during event planning she had my timeline mapped down to the very last detail (even set-up/clean-up times) She navigated my rehearsal dinner down to my guests on wedding day, everyone thought she was a "DOLL"!