Monday, February 16, 2015

New Social Media Features for Jamberry Professional Consultants!

Our Training and Web Development Teams have been working hard to provide you with some exciting upgrades to our Add-On Tools found in your Consultant Workstation. Starting today, we are offering free SpeedShare for all our consultants with a paid website! SpeedShare is an innovative tool for web-sharing. Until today, it has been part of the upgrades. Now, all consultants with a professional website can sign up and use this feature for free! To see how, click here
What are Jamberry consultants saying about their and SpeedShare experiences? Find out in this article on The Websharing Blog.

And there's more! For all of our GroSocial users, we’re thrilled to announce the release of the first in a series of additions to the GroSocial platform focused around the needs of Jamberry consultants. Jamberry consultants now have the ability to schedule posts to not only their business page but their personal and event pages as well.

When consultants now attempt to post a new update on the GroSocial platform they’ll see the option to “add new" by clicking on it, they’ll see a list of events that they have created, they can then write their posts and choose to post immediately or to schedule that post for a future time. We’re excited for this newest addition and looking forward to more in the coming weeks and months. Click here to learn more about GroSocial.

And remember, Jamberry is helping you make 2015 a lot less taxing by offering TaxBot for FREE to those who have a professional Jamberry website. This mobile app helps you track all your business expenses including mileage. You can find hidden savings year round when using Taxbot.

All three of these tools are found in your Consultant Workstation. When you are in your Workstation, click on the ADD-ON TOOLS tab to get started.


Jamberry Training & Web Teams


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