Thursday, February 5, 2015

10 Strategies for Being a Top 10 Producer

10 Strategies for Being a Top 10 Producer
1. Hard Work. Top producers bust it. Laziness isn’t a top 10 quality. You must have the willingness to bust your chops and stay at it. You’ll be ripping through some calories to the top 10 in anything you do. Physical and mental challenges are part of the climb to the top.

2. Focus. Top people do ONE thing damn good. They are NOT a “jack of all trades”, but
a MASTER of one. Remember that if you’re working more than one direct sales business and wondering why you're struggling or your check is small.

3. Belief. They know they can do it. They see it before they get there. The PICTURE is clear. It’s only a matter of time before they arrive.

4. Investment of Time. Most mega-producers have been around for a while, paying their dues, putting time in, and mastering their craft. Hours, even years of preparation time occur before they hit the big time.

5. Tenacity. Sounds ridiculously simple, perhaps to the point of silliness, but you’ll never make it to the top of a mountain you stop climbing.

6. Humility. No matter where you are or how big your britches get, the moment your ego takes over to the point of absolute arrogance, you’re done. Confidence is critical. Belief in self is huge. But, get a God complex and you’re done. You’re not God, so stop pretending to be. One of the most attractive qualities in a hugely successful person is humility. How indescribably attractive is that? To see someone with such mega, monstrous success, still be so human, real and touchable. After all, they ARE only human.

7. A Pure and Loving Heart. When a person operates from an authentic, real, loving and caring place, it becomes almost effort “less” to attract people to follow you. When you really do care and it SHOWS through your actions, business becomes easy.

8. A Clear Path. These people know exactly where they are going before they even start. Makes it a heck of a lot easier getting someplace when you know EXACTLY where you are going.

9. Take Responsibility. There’s nobody that’s going to get you there but you. The moment you begin to accept responsibility for all that you do, is the moment you begin your breakthrough into any top 10.

10. Embrace Change. Change is inevitable and is all around us. Your willingness to accept things you cannot control and make the best of every situation is surely going to lead you upward.

-Todd Falcone

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