Thursday, February 12, 2015

Follow Up Phone Call Scripts

from JAMsister Rebecca C.

Anatomy of the dreaded follow up phone call for a party
Use this if they marked yes, maybe, or nothing.
If she said maybe:

“You: Hi “Jane” how are you today?
Her: Fine, who is this?
You: This is “your name” I met you last night (or your event date and time) at the “such and such event”
Her: Oh yeah how are you?
You: I am doing great. I read from your sheet (or however you got their info) that you were interested in hosting a party and I just got some openings in my schedule for ____(whenever you want her to hold the party) ((Offer up to three dates, people like choices)) Since we are so close to the holidays if you want these by Thanksgiving I suggest we have it sooner rather than later. If you want it for Christmas order by this day etc...
Her: “I checked the maybe box”
You: Well Jane how can I turn your maybe into a yes? Is it a time issue, money issue? Let me know what it is. I guarantee you will have a great time hosting a party.
Her: I can’t afford to have all those people at my house and feed them.
You: Jane you can make it as minimal as you want, crackers and water would be fine. I will start right away and keep the party short, so they can still get home at a decent time for dinner. Or we can have it at a time when people will most likely already have eaten. Or make it a potluck have your guests each bring a dish. What day do think would be good for you out of the dates I have chosen?
Her: I have three kids and no sitter.
You: While although it is ideal to have a child free night. You may get more people by having it kid friendly. Plop a movie on for them tell the parents to bring a snack and you have two birds with one stone.
Her: That is a great idea!
Now book the date!!

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