Monday, February 9, 2015

How can licensed nail techs use Jamberry Nails in their business?

Jamberry in a Salon:
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this is something that I print and take with me or mail to salons!

Salons can set their own pricing to apply Jamberry to clients. Some nail techs charge $4 - $5 per nail.

Nail technicians and salons can (and probably should) become consultants if they choose to offer Jamberry manis/pedis as a service in the salon. This allows them to benefit from the commission and make more money on the service of applying Jamberry Nail Wraps. 

Being a salon owner or certified nail technician does not disqualify a person from working their Jamberry business as a consultant outside of the salon as well. Just no sales at a retail location, only the service.  You can put up business cards, hand out samples, brochures and catalogs.  You cannot deliver orders at a retail location.
  1. A nail tech or salon cannot sell Jamberry products in the salon regardless of whether or not he/she is a Consultant.
  2. They CAN sell the service of applying the wraps, which would of course include the wraps. However, any "leftovers" cannot go home with the clients. Just like any other nail service. 
  3. Nail techs need to know how to properly apply to average nails, really curvy nails, on top of acrylics, gel, shellac, etc.  There is no fee or certification required, and most clients will have great results with the standard application methods.  For trouble shooting and alternate application methods, please check out this YouTube playlist.
With an ever-widening public knowledge of, and desire for, Jamberry products, advertising Jamberry in your salon can tie you into a very popular brand that is being seen in many popular magazines, online outlets and news shows.

Jamberry also offers many affordable printed marketing materials, posters and artwork that salons can use, as well as social media squares and timeline covers.  Here are some examples:


For more information on how Jamberry Nails can be a great addition to your salon, contact your current consultant, or me at to be connected with a consultant in your area.