Sunday, August 9, 2015

What to say when it's been too long...

There was a great discussion in the Jamberry Leaders' group about what to say (by text, email or B message) to customers that you've waited entirely too long to follow up with.

We've all done it, gotten busy, forgotten, failed to make it a priority, procrastinated or just didn't know how important it was.

Now that we know better, it's time to do better!  Here are some great ideas:

Patricia C:   "It is customer care week! I am calling to thank you for being my customer, even if that was last year. I appreciate you. smile emoticon 
How was your Jamberry experience?
I know it has been some time since we were in touch. Are you currently working with a Jamber
ry consultant? Would you like to be in my customer care group/email list?"

^^ how I would approach it if I were contacting people. I am a stickler for NOT starting a conversation with an apology (blame my business background wink emoticon ) but I DO encourage approaching from a "what can I learn from you" angle.

Shelby D:  I've been sending this: "Hi (inset name)!! It has been WAY too long since I checked in from (so and so's) party. My deepest apologies for that! I was wondering if you ever tried out the nail wraps you ordered! I know application can be tricky so I want to ensure you're having the best experience with them!
I now send all customers accent nails to practice with, a visual application post card, and catalog as a thank you. Would you be interested in receiving yours? 
Hope all is well!!"

i don't ask about hosting, joining or even reordering if they respond. my current focus is to get them to join my VIP group where i will be able to serve them for all three of those!

"I'm prepping for our new catalog in September and was going through all my contacts and noticed I haven't talked to you in forever!! How'd your application go with your wraps? If they're still in their packaging I would love to send you my application tips/tricks email to get them on your nails! My goal is to help everyone get an amazing application!"
...or something like that lol

Robyn G:   I love the idea of "dating" them again! That's exactly what I'm doing. I gave them a little treat, pedi pack, and each note was handwritten. I even hand addressed each envelope. I said "Hi ______ How are you doing? I'm so sorry I have not followed up with you to make sure you were enjoying your Jams. I'm dedicating myself to having better customer service moving forward. If you'll give me another chance I'd love to show you how spoiled and pampered I can make you feel! I'm having more giveaways, birthday gifts, and fast and fabulous 30 minute parties. I hope you enjoy these little treats."     
My wording is from reading How to Win Friends and Influence People. It's amazing. Read it if you haven't.

I actually have had a couple of people contact me thanking them for the gift. Not everyone, but a couple of better than non!
I forget who said it but someone said "the energy put out is the energy you get back so if you put out positive you'll get back positive." I figure it can never hurt to be a little generous.

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