Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Statement Nail Philosophy

There is more to a 'Statement Nail' than just having a different nail on a finger. It is an attitude that is created with simple sales principles.

Imagine are walking into an event, you smile at everyone, you make your set-up look extremely easy then the presentation of the Statement Nail begins. Walk to every single vendor there and their families, their kids, their husbands! and any other vendor volunteers. Give them a simple entry form to fill out for a door prize and let them know you will give them a free Jamberry Statement Nail shield when they bring the entry form back.

One-I have just created traffic at my table because the majority of vendors will fill out the entry form and bring it to my table to register. For every action their is a reaction. People want to be a part of where the activity is. No one wants to feel left out. I am attracting people to my product. I am not selling it to them. I am making it easy for them to approach me and my product.  

Two-The majority of vendors will be wearing a 'Statement Nail' and advertising for me to all the customers who walk by. Think about the full impact of this. Imagine, you are the customer and are walking thru the event. You see a make up vendor with a Jamberry shield on her ring finger. The next table sell homemade candles and you see a Jamberry shield on her finger. The next table is jewelry and you see what??? Yep, a Jamberry shield!!! The 'Statement Nail' is making a statement for ME!   
Three- The customer compliments the makeup vendors nail... then that vendor over hears the same customer complimenting the candle vendors nail...The vendor will often have several customers compliment her nail and ask about it. They look over at the Jamberry table..and there is someone there again putting on a sample and laughing and having a good time. The vendor wants what we have. They want the customers! They want to be the busy booth! They want to be having a good time!

The number one reason I do events is for recruiting, number two is parties and three is sales.

When the vendor comes up and drops off her entry I have already picked out a few nails to match her outfit or her product. For the vendors I pull out my personal stock of leftover shields. I may have to cut down a larger toe shield for the leopard print the Mary Kay gal is wearing but I want it on her! She wants it on her! ALWAYS have the Statement Nail on the blingiest ring finger! It makes the shield look better and it will draw more attention.

If I have a few moments I will purpose to take certain designs to certain vendors. Several of our designs match other direct sales patterns/colors/themes. When you walk up to the Pink Zebra lady with a pink zebra and simply say, "I saw this Pink Zebra pattern and thought this has you written all over it" she will have to agree. I don't try to sell her. I attract her. I let her know "I have one left in stock. Be sure bring your entry form over so you can have the chance to win it if I haven't sold it". Period. I walk away, after all, I am busy and don't have time except for her! I am busy with my Jamberry tho' she is special. I want her to feel special. I don't have 3-4 sheets in my hand going to different tables. I will carry that one shield back, put it back out on display with my door prize. When she comes to enter for the door prize I let her know that the door prize is _____ and _____ plus a FREE sheet of nails. SHE SEES HER NAILS there...OMG! she doesn't want someone else winning her nails. I quietly let her know that all the display sheets are for sale. Most of the time, they buy it!

Attract people to your table. Create the energy. Most of all, don't sit at your table on your phone facebooking or playing games. That is not attractive to possible recruits. They don't want to sign up to sit and play games or text or eat...that is what they are doing now! LOL. Very very very rarely do I ever sit. I am up straightening my table, networking working with other vendors, taking pictures of the statement nails, joking, laughing, attracting attention to my action! No action gets no reaction!
With every statement nail use the words 'easy', 'simple', 'fun'! That attracts recruits! Compliment the statement they are making. Compliment their ring. Get to know them by asking about them. Get them talking about themselves. Let them know you care. Recruits want to be cared about. I want to be cared about. So do you. So care about them. Giving them a Statement Nail is caring!

Hope you continue on your journey of Curing America of "Nakie Nail Syndrome" with one Statement Nail at a time! ~ Debbie Bird, Star Director

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