Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jamberry Nails Online Purse Game

(Noel's tip: Don't post these in order, they will figure out what you are spelling and get a step ahead of you!  If you include a related picture with most posts, it will get more attention!)

Post:  It's time for a game! You get one entry in the over-all drawing for each answer you provide. You also get one answer in the PURSE GAME Drawing! For this game, you need your purse. All participants may answer, not just the first one. I will give a letter, and you find something in your purse that starts with that letter! Ready?

  • First Letter: ~J~
    ~Jamberry~ started in October 2010 with 3 sisters looking for a way to have cute nails without spending a fortune on babysitters and salons. It started out as an online retailer and sales exceeded what they ever expected, so they decided to step into the direct sales business. There truly is no other party plan like it! What do you have in your purse right now that starts with the letter "J"?
  • Here is the next letter for the purse game! ~A~
    No matter where you go, people will love your nails and you will get so much ~Attention~ because of them! If you have your own business, let them start conversations for you!
  • What's in your purse that starts with ~M~
    Jamberry nail wraps are ~ Made ~ in the USA, NO harsh chemicals like formaldehyde and are lead & latex free. They are also gluten free and Vegan friendly, and never tested on animals! (now some consultants use them on their dogs, but that’s not corporate!) 
  • What's in your purse that starts with the letter ~B~
    ~Book~ Can’t host an in-home party? I do basket/catalog/online parties as well and you can still earn all of the amazing free and discounted products as a home party hostess! If one of your friends books a party from your party, you will also earn a booking credit as well. There are many ways to earn FREE and/or discounted products with Jamberry.
  • Got your purse? What's in there that starts with ~E~
    Jamberry is ~Easy~ to apply. The adhesive is heat activated (hair dryer or mini heater) and easy to remove. With the clear backing, it is EASIER than ever to find the right sized wrap.
  • Find something in your purse that starts with ~R~
    Our hostess ~Rewards~ are great! As a thank you for hosting your Jamberry Party with me, you will get a free sheet of Jamberry of your choice when the party goes over $100 in sales. It goes up from there and when the party reaches $250 you get the Hostess Exclusive Item (shown is the February Hostess Exclusive!) as well as a free sheet of your choice, 3 half-off items, $35 in product credit, free shipping and 20% off any additional items you purchase!
  • What is in your bag that starts with ~R~
    ~Remember~ I'm here to help you with any questions/concerns, and to help you have the most fun and exciting experience possible with Jamberry Nails. When was the last time Sally Hanson answered your call or email? LOL
  • What's in your bag that starts with ~Y~
    If ~You~ are interested in having something “more”, if you like people, if you love the newest fashion trends - I would love to answer any questions you might have about sharing your passion with others as a Jamberry Consultant!
  • Check your purse for something that starts with an ~N~
    N is for ~Nails~ of course! Jamberry makes all nails look great! Short or Long, Natural or Acrylic – everyone looks great in Jamberry!
  • * What do you have in your purse that starts with an ~A~
    Jamberry is ~Affordable~ Each sheet is only ________(you'll have to look it up, I can’t post it
  • online!) and has enough shields to do 2-4 manicures/pedicures! That’s less than 5 bucks an application! Achieve a salon look for the fraction of the price!
  • What do you have in your purse that starts with an ~I~
    With the Nail Art Studio from Jamberry Nails, your design choices reach to ~Infinity~
  • Find something in your purse that starts with ~L~
    Jamberry is Long Lasting, these nail wraps last 2+ weeks on your fingers and 6+ weeks on your toes. Here's a little graphic that shows how you can get so much for so little!
  • What do you have in your purse that starts with ~S~
    Jamberry Nail wraps are ~Safe~ for all ages! Non-toxic, Gluten free, Vegan friendly :)

Before you do the prize drawing, post:

This is the LAST CALL for entries in the Purse Game! Scroll through and answer on each letter given (Did you notice that if you unscramble them they spell JAMBERRY NAILS?) I'll choose TWO winners from the entries tonight! Tomorrow is the last day to ORDER! One lucky party guest is going to be crowned our HOSTESS with the MOSTESS and get all the hostess rewards. Just for fun, I'm going to give away some other goodies too :) You must order to enter!

Optional inclusion for Mystery Hostess party:

This is the LAST Call! You ladies have been lots of fun, and I've enjoyed getting to know the contents of your purses LOL To be eligible to win the Mystery Hostess Benefits, you must have placed an order - you get 100 entries for each item you order. The following ladies are eligible to win: If you're not listed, place an order now!!! (include website link) If you already ordered and you're not listed here, please contact me ASAP!


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