Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jamberry Nails Scavenger Hunt for Facebook Parties

Use this game to encourage participation in an online party. It doesn't work if no one has RSVP’d, so make sure that you’ve got a good number to start with. If you decide to change out questions, just remember that your ultimate goal is to GET THEM TO YOUR WEBSITE! You want them to look around, learn the site, feel confident looking around. This makes them more likely to purchase. Also, there are booking cues and recruiting cues built in.

First post:
Yay! We just went over 20 (however many you determine) Yes and Maybe RSVPs - so it's Game Time! I'll post a clue and you go to the website and see what Jamberry item I'm talking about - it's a scavenger hunt! You get one entry for each correct answer - then I'll draw from all the correct answers for a prize! This link takes you to the "All" listing. If you need to find it again, you click on the Shop tab and then scroll alllllll the way to the bottom and click on “All”. (include link to the "all" section on your website) First clue coming up in a few minutes. Like this post to let me know you're here!

  1. First Question: How many SPORTS wraps are there? 
  2. Jamberry has a strong commitment to charity! We have 3 exclusive designs that each support an important organization. $2.00 from the sale of each charity wrap goes directly to the charity.
    Tell me the names of the charities :) 
    (include picture)
  3. Question 3: If you host a Jamberry Nails party, and the sales are $500 - how much product credit would you earn?
  4. Question 4: What is the name of this wrap? (include picture)
  5. Question 5: Post a link to this month's Hostess Exclusive Design
  6. Question 6: Jam Sister Rhonda F. says "I joined Jamberry because I fell in love with the product. Easy! Fast! Fashionable! Family friendly! and ME TIME that allows me to earn extra cash!"  If you were to join Jamberry Nails, how many catalogs would you get in your Starter Kit?
  7. Question 7: How many Sparkles colors are there? (and what's your favorite one?)
  8. Question 8: A full-sized sheet of Jamberry Nail wraps has 18 wraps in 10 different sizes (enough to do 2-4 manicures or pedicures).   How many wraps are on the Jamberry Juniors sheets? (enough to do 3-6 manicures or pedicures!)
  9. Question 9: Which Jamberry wrap would you pair with this? Include the link! (include picture of a Polyvore creation or outfit)
  10. Question 10: Which of the Garden Party Collection wraps would you pair with these bridesmaids dresses (include picture) from (include tag of a local bridal salon - a little cross promotion never hurt!)? See the "Garden Party" section here: (include link to your website)
  11. Question 11: Tell me one of the two Jamberry wraps you could wear to the horse show!
  12. Question 12: Jamberry's motto is "Signature Style at your Fingertips" If you had to choose JUST ONE style to wear all the time, which one would it be and why? Post a link!
    Here's mine:  (include picture of your favorite wrap and explanation)

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