Friday, August 11, 2017

Fundraising Packet

The lovely Sarah Marsh has updated the Jamberry Fundraising packet for the 2017 fundraising season.

You can use this with any group that is looking to raise funds. Schools, youth groups, sports teams, churches, missionary groups and community organizers are all great people to approach for a Jamberry fundraiser.

This packet should be used to manage and run the fundraiser, not for marketing and trying to secure a fundraising opportunity.

Link to dropbox:

A Jamberry fundraiser is a fun and easy easy to raise money for any cause. 
If you are not a Jamberry consultant and would like information on raising money through a Jamberry fundraiser, please call it text 469-583-4604 to speak with me, Noel Giger. I can help you connect with a team member in your area of arrange an online fundraiser for you. You can also email me at


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