Sunday, April 3, 2016

Smarter NOT Harder! Saving Facebook Photo Albums

We all know how important it is to have new, fresh content for our social media! The trouble is, it is SO time consuming to find good content, and then saving it to your own computer or Dropbox account (it's free!) is a LONG process! Do you feel the pain? Well read on, this Google Chrome add-in just changed my life... Download an entire Facebook album at one time!

It's a little "clunky" to use, but I figured it out!  

  1. Click here to get the plug-in
  2. Go to a Facebook group and find the album you want to download.  
    I chose "Who Wore it Best" from this group:
  3. Open a single photo from the album
  4. Press the Add-in's button on your browser toolbar
  5. Choose your options, and then click on "Normal" or one of the 2 buttons below it. (Additional instructions are on the add-in's description page - I'm only sharing the way that I used it!)
    Click on "OK"
  6. Now another tab opens, use your keyboard to press ctr+S, choose your location, then choose to save as Website Complete
  7. Now open your file explorer, you will have 2 items:
  8. The one with the "_Files" at the end has all your pictures, and you can delete the other one!

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