Monday, June 22, 2015

What is CV?

CV stands for Commissionable Volume.  Each item in the Jamberry Nails catalog has  a retail price and an assigned value. The PRV is based on the US retail price.  The Commissionable Volume (CV) is based on a percentage of the PRV.  For most products this is 65%

Having a set PRV/CV allows the company to expand into any area and set the price in the local currency, without adjusting the compensation plan.

ProductCV %
Nail Wraps65%
Nail Lacquer65%
Indulgence Hand Care & Products60%
Gift Cards55%
NAS Wraps65%
Mini Heater65%
Application Kit65%
Beauty Boost65%
Nail Care65%

A current list of the Commissionable Volume for each Jamberry Nails product can be found in your workstation.

All downline commissions are paid on CV.  If you have any questions, please contact your sponsor and/or upline Team Manager!

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