Thursday, May 15, 2014

Start your Jamberry Business- 10 Important Steps!

Yay! You officially signedup and your consultant kit is on the way. Get a head start and follow this path so you are prepared when you receive it!

1) Create your first party. Chances are you have shared your excitement about joining Jamberry with friends and family. Some of these people may want to order immediately. In order to take full advantage of these orders for your First Fast Start, you must create your first party.
--Click "parties" tab and select "add party". Name your party, "My First Party"and fill out the party details with your information. Yes, you will be the consultant and the hostess!!! Double whammy- you will get commission and host rewards. Put two weeks from today's date for the date of the party. Jamberry does not allow us to keep parties in an open status for longer than 2 weeks  . "Schedule" your party and hit"continue". Your party is now ready to accept orders and should move into the"active" parties area. When your friends and family place ordersonline, have them select "My First Party".
This is the same process for any party you are creating. Any party listed in your "active" parties group will be available at checkout for your customers to select and credit your host with their party sales.

2) Order your Business Cards. 
You will need these asap to market your business.
As of March 1, 2013 all business cards and other marketing materials will be exclusively created by Jamberry and offered to us either through our workstation "training and marketing" tab or via other companies for purchase. You are not allowed to design your own business cards after March 1.
Go to the shop tab in your workstation, and click on Jamberry Print Shop.  It's a better deal to purchase large quantities, so instead of adding your title in the spot for title, consider putting something fun.  "Ask me about FUNdraisers"  "I give free samples"  "I get paid to have pretty nails" are a few suggestions!

3) Create Catalog Labels. Always give your customers your information on every catalog. I used Avery Shipping Labels and template online to create my first labels with the following information:
Your Name
Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant (must be listed next to your name always)
Cell Number
You can also order labels in your workstation.

4) Promote your new business on Facebook. You want to share with everyone you can that you have started a new business. Many people have not heard of Jamberry and certainly do not know you are selling it if you don't tell them. Post something personal that sounds like you. This is what one leader posted and some other options:

--I'm officially a Jamberry Nails~ Independent Consultant!!! If you are not familiar with Jamberry--you need to check them out! I have fallen in love (obviously) and been wearing my nail wraps for four weeks now in my workout shoes and they still look perfect! There are over 300 to choose from. Use the link below to find my catalog--

  1. You can ask them to check out your webpage and post a link
  2. You can post a photo of you wearing your new wraps and say something about what they are and how much you love them
  3. Look what I am doing and post a photo of Jamberry Nails

5) Pick a date to host your Launch Party. This is a great way to practice your party skills on your friends and family. Pick a date within your first Fast Start window to host your Launch Party, the sooner the better. This is really where your business will begin and build.People love Jamberry especially when they see it in person and try a sample. Make your list of friends and family to invite.Create your party in your workstation following the same instructions in #3.

6) Create Your Launch Party Event on Facebook and invite your friends and family.  There are several Facebook party scripts, ask your upline or Team Manager to point you in the right direction!

7) Explore your workstation. There is A LOT of great information on your workstation. Most of it is listed under "Resources and Training" tab.Please explore this area. You will refer back to it all the time!!!  There is also a "Jamberry University" that you can work through at your own pace.  You can access any lesson any time!

8) Read your Start Up Guide online or in your consultant kit. This is a very condensed version of the Jamberry policies, procedures, fast start goals, compensation plans, Jamberry phone numbers, etc. Make sure you understand your Fast Start Goals and your specific Fast Start Dates which are located in your workstation under "Commission and Volumes" tab, select "Fast Start"tab.This is a great time to write down any questions and check in with your sponsor. I refer back to my Start-Up Guide all the time.

9) Apply your Nail Wraps upon receipt. It is imperative as a consultant that you can apply your nails properly. Work with your sponsor to ensure you truly understand how to apply the nail wraps! Remember you will get a lot of free advertising by just wearing Jamberry!!!

10) Last but not least-Prepare the fine details for your Online Launch and Your Official Launch Party. Your sponsor is a great resource! She has completed her own online and in home parties. Invite her to your first online party and join one of her online parties. Discuss setup, cleanup, timeline, presentation, raffles, cash and carry, orders, etc. Walk through your entire Launch party with her if your sponsor is not local. If she is local, she will make every effort to help you in person to ensure a successful launch.

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