Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jamberry Nails uses

UPDATE:  Jamberry business cards and supplies are now available only through the Jamberry print shop.  Click on Shop / Jamberry Print Shop in your workstation.   Thank you!

Jamberry business cards can be purchased from the Jamberry Vistaprint Portal. You can choose 
either a vertical or horizontal layout. If you have a longer name, email address, or website, you will 
most likely want to choose the horizontal layout. Consultants may not design their own business cards 
or replicate the designs provided by using another printer. This helps us ensure that everything from 

ink color to paper quality remain consistent.

These are the official links. Please make sure you don't have www. in front of your link. 



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  3. I appreciate with this post. I have also taken cotton business cards last year and use them for business adverts.