Saturday, February 8, 2014

I'm a teacher... How can I "sell" to my students?

Q: I teach high school and am getting teen girls complementing my nails. I can't actually make a sales pitch to them at work, but I feel like I'm missing a huge selling opportunity w cheerleaders, girls in sports, prom, etc. Ideas for how to get the word across without "crossing the line" and getting in trouble at work?

A: My principal, when I was teaching HS, suggested a note for parents of students who were interested in direct sales products. Something to the effect of, "Dear parent, your student has expressed interest in a product I sell on my time. In the interest of your child's safety, and accountability for myself, I'm not able to offer this product to your student during the school day or without your consent. If you/your student are interested, please contact me outside of school."  Then include your contact information.  (from JamSister Angie B.)

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