Thursday, June 30, 2016

Seven Steps to a Serious Business

Seven Steps to a Serious Business

"Success is understanding that life is choices, not chances"

Sometimes our customers and hostesses just don't take our business seriously. Have you ever gotten a message from a hostess who has just cancelled her party for that night and thought to yourself, "Doesn't she realize this is how I pay my bills and make my income? I won't be able to replace that party at this point!"
Perhaps you've talked with a hostess on the day of her party only to hear that she has only two guests coming and it's an hour and a half drive for you to get to her house.
Just like others of us, you might find yourself thinking at times, "Do they think I leave my family, drive to their home, and spend 2 hours with them just for fun?"
It certainly isn't the way we want to feel. We do want to share our product, make sure they have a great time and teach them something new, but if we're honest with ourselves, I don't think many of us would do this that two nights a week just for fun. We do it to earn an income. We do it to enhance the lives of our family.
How do we get our customers and hostesses to take our business seriously? To understand that we count on our parties for income?
Here are 7 tips that will help:
  • When we take our business seriously, so do our customers. It's okay to think of your business as a business and to work it like a business.
I know many of you are passionate about your products. I know you want to share it with as many people as possible, and of course you love talking about it. For many of you, it is truly a "mission" to get it into the hands of others. So much so, that you will spend hours talking to one person to get a $20 order. Though we love it, is a good use of your time? Isn't your time valuable too? Time is your most valuable commodity. It's important that you value yourself and your time as well as your product and your mission.
  • Highlight your party days in your planner and stick to them. When your customer or hostess sees your calendar it is a very visual indication that you take your business and your time seriously. It shows them that you have a plan for your business. It instills confidence and looks professional.
  • Fill your party calendar. That tells them that you are busy and in demand. When they see you have limited dates available for parties, it says "She's busy! I better book a date quickly before it's taken." and, "If I cancel, it's going to be a while before I can get another date." They actually feel more badly cancelling on someone who has a full calendar than they do cancelling on someone who has a lot of openings.
  • Dress professionally for your parties. People will take you more seriously when you are dressed professionally. Nice pants and a sweater or nice shirt, a simple dress or skirt and top. Not a business suit, but nice.
  • In your initial coaching you can say something like, "I'm so excited to work with you! I'm going to partner with you to make sure you have a successful party! I do share with all my hostesses that this is actually how I support my family, so if for any reason you need to cancel, I really appreciate ten days notice so I can replace your booking."
This may make you feel uncomfortable, but that one line made a huge difference in my cancellation rate. It is a great way to communicate that you count on your parties for income.
You'll just want to make sure you say it in an upbeat voice and with a huge smile on your face!
  • Have a professional voicemail on the number you give your hostesses and customers. I have called consultants and leaders in the past and when I got their voicemail, I was greeted by their toddler leaving a cryptic, hard to understand message, or rock music, or even a sarcastic message. This is not entertaining for your customers and hostess and it sends the wrong message. Think about what your reaction might be if you called Nordstrom or your bank and got a similar voicemail. It's important that your voicemail is professional. it will affirm to your callers that you are running a business.
  • If you have young children and you are going to be communicating with customers or hostesses on the phone, make your calls at a time when the children are napping, in school, in bed, with Dad, or with a sitter.
There are few people who love children more than I do. Children are one of my biggest passions. I taught the four-year-old Sunday school class for twenty-three years. I find children to be an absolute delight. Except when we you are on the phone working your business. It's child law, that when Mom is on the phone, that is their cue to immediately need your attention. They have zero reservation about being very vocal to get it. No matter how much the person on the other end of the phone loves children, it is incredibly frustrating trying to have a conversation with a very loud child in the background. You will be so much more effective and professional without the distraction of children.
When you put these seven steps into practice you will see very different results in your business! When you take your business seriously, so will do they!

You are capable of excellence, so go for it! 
"Make the big time where you are!"

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