Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Business Tips and Holiday Specials from Step into Succes

Hey everyone!

The Holiday season is upon us and November is the biggest selling season of the year!

It is also the time of year that you will be seeing the largest amount of people - through home shows, Facebook, vendor events and holiday parties.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Scripts for Booking Parties

Prepare first!
Have your calendar already figured out!
  1. Fill in Family Obligations (birthdays, anniversaries, special days, vacations, lunch with hubby, ice cream with the kids, kid’s practices, games, presentations, etc.)
  2. Fill in anything already booked: Events, Parties, Training Calls

Getting Bookings for Jamberry Parties - advice from the leaders!

Mandy M.  I love to do Private demos. I get them to my house one on one and when they see the magic happen on their pretty little fingers and want to order I say..... GIRL!!! Don't buy! Host a party and get them for free!!!! Works every time!!!

Patricia C. The best way *I* get parties booked? I tell myself to go for No - my goal is to ASK, no matter the outcome. My sponsor challenged me to get 30 No's in 3 days. I have asked 18 with 4 No, 1 Not Now, 3 Yes, and the rest have yet to respond. I have to ask more people today to finish at least my 30, and follow up next week with those who have not responded. 

Patricia C.  "I'll bring the salsa and chips, and teach your friends how to never have chips on their tips again!"