Monday, November 17, 2014

Scripts for Booking Parties

Prepare first!
Have your calendar already figured out!
  1. Fill in Family Obligations (birthdays, anniversaries, special days, vacations, lunch with hubby, ice cream with the kids, kid’s practices, games, presentations, etc.)
  2. Fill in anything already booked: Events, Parties, Training Calls
  3. Fill in deadlines for special orders (holidays, sales, events, etc.)
  4. Circle the dates and times you want to do parties. It’s important to know when you are working, so that you can tell your customers the next few dates you have open!
  5. Book your soonest dates FIRST. Don’t offer them the whole calendar – offer them your next 2 dates (preferably a weeknight and a weekend option) and then let them counter/offer different dates if needed. 
  6. Overbook during the first 15 days of each month. Fully book the first two weeks on your calendar before "extending" it for the rest of the month. This is an important strategic approach in having a full calendar. If given the choice, people tend to book the last 2 weeks of the month, so focus on booking the first two weeks first! Once that is booked, then extend to the rest of the month.
Know WHY this month is the best month to host a party!
  1. What are the Host Exclusive designs?
  2. What are the retiring designs?
  3. Are there new Holiday designs?
  4. What is the Sister's Style Exclusive?
  5. What is in the StyleBox?
  6. What specials or promotions are going on?
  7. What special goals do you have personally?
  8. What goals or incentives are your team working on?

Know who you are going to call/message
Gather your contacts into one place.  Hard copy, electronic or a mixture of both.  Don't worry about the form - this is for FUNCTION!

Phone Scripts

Basic phone verbage goes as can fill in the blanks or adjust as necessary:

Hi_______, this is Jennifer from Jamberry Nails! How are you?  Do you have just a few minutes?  It was so nice to meet you at _____________.  I see you may be interested in hosting a party...that is wonderful! We have some amazing hostess benefits and I would love to be able to offer you your nail wraps for free! I have XXXX or XXXX
open, would either of those work for you?

After you offer your dates pause, let her speak first... Be comfortable with that moment of silence - resist the urge to fill it up with "verbal vomit" :)

Here is a script from another leader you can try - I always make a script and go from there! I have a drawing where I get their info/survey slips. Everyone is a winner too! They think they are going in for a full sheet but I only give 1 of those away. Everyone else gets a sheet of accent nails. They don't know that though. So, I start the call with excitement so they don't tune me out or hang up. lol
I say, " Hi Rose! It's Stephanie with Jamberry Nails. We met at the Fall Bizarre this past Saturday. I wanted to let you know you won a free sheet of accent nails! Woohoo!" I let them respond. Then I say something like, "You know, I saw how much you enjoyed applying your sample, would you be interested in playing with more with some friends? You can earn free wraps and products plus have legit girl time!" Or if they were interested in the opportunity I'll say, "We spoke a bit about the Jamberry opportunity but I wanted to reach out again and see just what caught your attention most." Then go from there. Make it as much about them as you can

Facebook, Text or Instant Messages:

WARM up your market first!
Like a picture on their social media - answer a question or comment on a post.  Do this BEFORE sending a party request!

When asking a FRIEND - keep it casual, conversational and FUN!

"Hey Girl! I was thinking of you! I know life is crazy right now, but let's get the girls together next month and have a Nail Party!!! Manis and Mimosas?!?! What do ya think?"

When asking an ACQUAINTANCE-
"Hey Becky! This is NiCole, Tyler's Mom from school! I'm not sure if we've ever talked about this, but I'm actually a Jamberry Nails party girl and I though of you! I was thinking you might be interested in getting a few friends together for a girl's night! A fun chance to do our nails, eat some brownies, drink some wine... Would you be up for something like that in the next month or two?"

"Hey Jessica! This is NiCole with Jamberry from Laura's party! I know we had such a blast and you were thinking of having your own Jamberry Girl's Night in the next few months... Are you still looking for an excuse to get your girlfriends together? I know life is crazy, so lets plan something in the next month or two, does that work?

When asking someone who filled out a SURVEY SLIP a while ago.
"Hey Jane! This is NiCole with Jamberry, we met at an event a while back and noticed that you marked that you would be interested in hosting a party. Are you still looking for an excuse to get your girlfriends together? How about we get something on the calendar in the next month or two?"

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