Saturday, June 28, 2014

Booking a Full Calendar

Booking a Full Calendar

When asking a FRIEND - keep it casual, conversational and FUN!

"Hey Girl! I was thinking of you! I know life is crazy right now, but let's get the girls together next month and have a Nail Party!!! Manis and Mimosas?!?! What do ya think?"

When asking an ACQUAINTANCE-
"Hey Becky! This is NiCole, Tyler's Mom from school! I'm not sure if we've ever talked about this, but I'm actually a Jamberry Nails party girl and I though of you! I was thinking you might be interested in getting a few friends together for a girl's night! A fun chance to do our nails, eat some brownies, drink some wine... Would you be up for something like that in the next month or two?"

"Hey Jessica! This is NiCole with Jamberry from Laura's party! I know we had such a blast and you were thinking of having your own Jamberry Girl's Night in the next few months... Are you still looking for an excuse to get your girlfriends together? I know life is crazy, so lets plan something in the next month or two, does that work?

When asking someone who filled out a SURVEY SLIP a while ago.
"Hey Jane! This is NiCole with Jamberry, we met at an event a while back and noticed that you marked that you would be interested in hosting a party. Are you still looking for an excuse to get your girlfriends together? How about we get something on the calendar in the next month or two?"

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